Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil (200g) - Iasa


Nutrient-rich, lean fillets of premium quality tuna fish, packed in extra-virgin olive oil.

Iasa have been working with tuna since 1980, which is now one of the company's most popular products. Caught tuna is sustainably caught from boats off the Amalfi Coast and is ready to be processed on site within a few hours, to ensure ultimate freshness and flavour. Carefully selected fish are then steamed and dried under vacuum to keep them as tender and flavourful as possible, with a luxurious silky texture. Hand-packing them in extra virgin olive oil not only guarantees a great, fresh taste, moist tenderness and authenticity, but also improves the tuna's health benefits. Nutrient-rich yellowfin tuna and the extra virgin olive oil impart their subtle flavours on one another, so be careful not to discard the oil. Best enjoyed with pasta, mozzarella or in a refreshing salad on a hot day.



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Ingredients: Tuna fillets, olive oil, salt. FISH.


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