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Gnocchi (250G) - La Tua Pasta


According to the tradition Gnocchi are the "Thursday dish", and the art of making Gnocchi is handed down by grandmas in Italian families.

They're so popular in Italy that there are a lot of regional versions, Alla Sorrentina, Alla Napoletana, Alla Bolognese, thanks to how well they pair with all kind of sauces, from meat ragù to seafood sauces.

These Gnocchi from Pastificio "la Tua Pasta" are handmade with carefully selected ingredients, they will bring you straight to Italy in one bite.

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In their simplest version, Gnocchi are small dumplings made of potatoes, flour, and eggs, though there are a lot of variations that include other ingredients.

A simple recipe that needs a lot of experience to be mastered, Gnocchi are a typical a primo piatto (first course).

They cook like pasta, dipped in salted boiling water. When they rise to the surface of the pot, they’re ready and can be served!

Ingredients: Potato Flakes 42% (Sulphites), Maize Starch, Flour (Wheat), Water, Salt, Potato Starch, Milk Powder, Dehydrated Eggs.

Potato Flakes additives: preservative:E223 (Sodium Metabisulphite), antioxidants: E304, acidity regulator: E330, emulsifier: E471, stabilizer: E450. Dusted with Rice Flour.


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