Fresh Tagliatelle
  • Fresh Tagliatelle

Tagliatelle (250G) - La Tua Pasta


The other half of the wonderful Tagliatelle alla Bolognese, this fresh handmade pasta pairs so well with the meat ragù from Bologna (the mince meat tomato sauce), that the dish is one of the most famous Italian specialties in the world.

Alla Bolognese is only one of the infinite possibilities experiment with mushrooms, plain meat sauce (without tomato sauce) or even with fish. You won’t be disappointed.



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Tagliatelle come from Emilia Romagna, the land of fresh pasta, a region in the centre of Italy.

The name comes from the verb tagliare, to cut, referring to how this pasta is made, by first rolling out the dough and then cutting it in stripes.

These tagliatelle are handmade from Pastificio "la Tua Pasta" following the authentic Italian tradition of pasta making.

Ingredients:Pasta (56%):Flour 00 (Wheat), Pasturised Egg (28%), Durum Wheat Flour, Salt. Dusted with Rice Flour.


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