Artisan Braised Beef & Black Truffle Ravioli (250g) - La Tua Pasta


Braised beef is a traditional filling for Ravioli, and here the tender texture and flavour of the meat infuses the fresh pasta with taste and the black truffle gives the extra flavour! Try them with a creamy sauce, a broth or with a truffle butter.

Ravioli are a filled type of pasta. Their shape can be either circular or squared, and can hide a heart of meat, fish or herbs filling. One bite and you are transported in a whirlwind of flavour!



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Ingredients: Pasta (56%): Flour 00 (Wheat), Pasteurised Egg (28%), Durum Wheat Flour, Salt, Water

Filling (50%): Beef (45%), Carrots, Onion, CELERY, Italian Grated Cheese (MILK, Salt, Rennet), Red Wine, Olive Oil, Rosemary, Salt, Black Pepper, Black Truffle Cream (0.1%) (Black Truffle-Tuber Aestivum, Truffle Juice, Salt, Natural Truffle Flavouring). Using beef from the E.U. Dusted with Rice Flour



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