Artisan Pea & Shallot Ravioli (250g) - La Tua Pasta

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Ravioli are square-shaped pasta parcels made with durum wheat flour and water. These Ravioli are stuffed with a simple but delicious filling made with sautéed green peas and tasty shallots cooked in extra-virgin olive oil. 

They are best served with a tomato sauce or a simple sauce of your choice.

Suitable for Vegans. Suitable for freezing.



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Ingredients: Pasta (50%): Durum Wheat Flour, Water; Filling (50%): Peas (66%), Shallots (11%), Breadcrumbs (Wheat Flour, Salt, Yeast), Olive Oil, Water, Salt; Dusted with rice flour.

Suitable for Vegans. 


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