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Italian Barbecue Hamper


A delicious barbecue hamper to enjoy with your family or friends - ideal for 4 people.

This pack includes two types of artisan pork sausages, meaty burgers, chicken frankfurters, Italian mustard, Italian ketchup, a soft mild cheese ideal for grilling, fresh potatoes that you can bake in a foil parcel, bruschetta bread, a side of chopped vegetables, two Ichnusa Sardinian lagers, a sparkling lemon beverage, a sparkling blood orange beverage and, to end on a sweet note, delicious apple biscuits!

This pack is also ideal as a gift idea, as it can include your personal, hand-written gift card, free of charge. Simply leave your message as a comment when you checkout.


16 items are included in our Barbecue Hamper:

- Fresh Classic Sausages with Black Pepper (500g) - Salsicciamo

- Fresh Tuscan Luganega Sausages with a Hint of Garlic (400g) - Salsicciamo

- Meaty Pork Burger Patties (4x125g) - Salsicciamo

- 2x "Wudy" Classic Chicken Frankfurters (250g) - Aia

- Senape Mustard (250g) - Calvé

- Italian Ketchup (250g) - Calvé

- Lactose-free "Galbanino" Sweet Curd Cheese (230g) - Galbani

- Fresh Potatoes (~650g)

- "Peperlizia" Chopped Vegetables (350g) - Ponti

- Sliced Bread for Bruschetta (400g) - Gecchele

- Cuor di Mela Biscuits (300g) - Mulino Bianco

- 2x Ichnusa Lager Beer (33cl) - Ichnusa

- Sparkling Blood Orange Beverage (33cl) - San Pellegrino

- Sparkling Lemon Beverage (33cl) - San Pellegrino

*As request is very high, we may occasionally run out of some of the products included in this hamper. If this is the case, we will replace it with something just as appetising and equal in value.

These products come together with your personal, hand-written gift note, free of charge. Leave your gift message as a comment at check-out.


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