Fernet Branca (70cl) - Branca Distillerie
  • Fernet Branca (70cl) - Branca Distillerie

Fernet Branca (70cl) - Branca Distillerie


This is the star product of the Branca family and company! Fernet Branca bitter is still made with the same unique formula with over 30 different roots and herbs, including gentian, camomile, saffron and rhubarb.

A famous Italian Bitter founded in Milan by the noble Branca di Romanico family in 1845. Fernet Branca is made from 30 different roots and herbs, and aged in Slovenian oak vats for one year. The production process is complex an involves numerous different types of macerations - indeed the distillery covers an entire city block and its labyrinth of rooms appear filled with maceration vessels, tanks and wooden vats of every shape, size and type. Best served as a shot, even if it is traditionally served over plenty of ice cubes with a slice of lemon or orange. The drink is so popular in Argentina that the family set up a distillery in Buenos Aires in 1935. The Argentina's Fernet Branca drink is mixed with seven parts of cola!

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