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  • Lumaca rigata PGI-Pgi-500g-Garofalo-pasta-cook-igp

Lumaca Rigata PGI (500G) - Garofalo


Inspired to the harmonious shapes of nature, the Lumaca is a pasta ‘shell’ made for rich and tasty sauces. IGP (PGI)* certified.

This pasta is IGP (Protected Geographic Indication) and bronze drawn, for an amazing texture and the always al dente cooking point.

The traditional recipe for this format is, of course Lumaca ca sarza vulluta (Snails with hot sauce).

*IGP (PGI) is short for Indicazione Geografica Protetta (literally "Protected Geographical Indication"). This certification identify an agricultural product, raw or processed, which quality, reputation or other characteristics are linked to its geographical origin.

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Pasta Garofalo Garofalo was born in 1789 in Gragnano, the homeland of Pasta. Thanks to the climate conditions, ideal for drying up the pasta, and to the presence of spring water to run the Mills, the city has traditionally been just the right place for the pastifici. The quality of Pasta Garofalo speaks for itself, driven by the will to make excellent products for the best dining experience, full of taste and, why not, a bit of creativity.

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water. May contain soy.


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