Fresh Fennel Luganega Sausages (400g) - Salsicciamo


Fresh fennel is the most typical ingredient used for flavouring sausages. These particular Sicilian sausages have the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. *It is available for both same-day and next delivery only from Tuesday to Saturday!

These products represent the authentic Italian Sausages, made with the freshest ingredients and 100% premium selected pork cuts. Gluten Free Certified and in natural casing. Seasoned with Fennel. You can taste the presence of fennel seeds which give a fresh taste and a pleasant smell .



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Ingredients: GLUTEN FREE Pork meat, sea salt, dextrose, sucrose, wild fennel, sodium acetate, ascorbic acid (E262), Ascorbic acid (E300) , natural flavouring. 


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