The cultural stereotype of the Italian Mamma is engraved in everyone's minds and directly linked to great traditional food. However fathers also have a strong role in family's falling somewhere in between Don Corleone in Godfather and Roberto Benini in life is beautiful. 

While the UK and US celebrate Father's Day in June, in Italy the date falls in Saint Joseph's Day (19th of March). In this date children write cards and poems in school and traditional gifts include ties, socks and perfume. 

As with any celebration in the Italian culture, food plays a very special role: not only a special lunch is prepared to celebrate fatherhood, but a special dessert cake is served: Zeppola di San Giuseppe

Similar to a cream puff, variations of this pastry are eaten across the country. Usually filled with cream or marmalade and black cherries or amarena on top, they are always dusted with enough sugar to satisfy the most demanding sweet tooth Dad.

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