A unique colour, a tuneful smell, and an exuberant taste. This is what the ‘’Fossimatto’’ Cerasuolo Superiore rosé wine from Fontefico is all about. 

The ‘’Fossimatto’’ Cerasuolo has won the Corona (Crown) of Guida Vinibuoni d’Italia Edizione 2021, which is the highest recognition they give to wines of excellence. This means that this rosé wine is among the best five rosé wines (out of 30.000 wines!) in Italy.

‘’Fossimatto’’ Cerasuolo is not a common rosé, it is one of a kind. A very fruity wine that brings strawberries and pomegranate to mind. It will fill your mouth with subtle hints of currants and raspberries and release a fresh and crispy aftertaste alongside a pleasant feeling of bitter liquorice root. The wine matches a cuisine that is balanced between strong flavours and elegant taste, for example, lobster, any kind of barbecue meat or pizza.

This rosé does not have the typical and "trendy" light colour, but more of a light red colour. But why not? "Fossi matto! (Not a chance!), it does not have any character." is their answer. 

What is interesting about the wines from Fontefico, is that each wine has a different, unique label with a hidden message on it. Every year, with every harvest, the characters on the labels will be portrayed differently. When all the wines are put together in a row, they will represent the memories of the winery and they will narrate a story. 

The estate of Fontefico in Abruzzo covers about 15 hectares and every one of their wines is a single vineyard wine. All of the wines are organic, as Fontefico cares deeply about the environment. Each bottle of wine is numbered because they are all unique. The wine can last for years and you will be surprised of its freshness, even after such a long time.

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