Caseificio di Pasquo is a family business from Molise, who have been carrying on their dairy tradition with love and enthusiasm since 1956.

Caciocavallo is a traditional, semi-hard stretched curd cheese from Molise (Italy) and is also known as ‘’the king’’ of the typical cuisine in Molise. The Molise Region is actually famous for its very small territory, what it is often made fun of, as they say: ‘’Molise doesn’t Exist’’.

What makes the Caciocavallo so special, is its unique flavour and characteristic pear shape. Due to the maturing time and the continuous exposure to humidity, in the caves where they are aging, Caciocavallo develops a sharp, spicy flavour. The cheese picks up intense, earthy undertones and fruity aromas.

The cheese starts off as a milky white and becomes a darker yellow colour. The colour on the inside is lighter. The cheese reaches its peak of taste with the maturing process, which can vary from 3 months to over a year.

Caciocavallo literally means ‘’Cheese on Horseback’’. It gets its name from the way the cheese is always tied together with a rope and hung over a wooden board for it to drain and age, like a saddle on a horseback.

The ‘’Caciocavallo Silano DOP’’ has been produced in compliance with the DOP specification, meaning, almost all of the ingredients must come from, and the production must take place in the same area. The cheese has been aged at least 30 months. Caciocavallo has also been thermally imprinted as a guarantee of quality. The normal ‘’Caciocavallo’’ is, on the other hand, not a DOP product and does not have to be aged for 30 months either. Therefore, this cheese might be less spicy, as the maturing time determines this.

It is perfect accompanied with honey and jams, but usually eaten alone. If you are wondering what wine to pair it with, a light white wine such as a Chardonnay or a Falanghina, or a full-bodied red such as Aglianico would be perfect for the younger version (the normal Caciocavallo). For the mature version (Caciocavallo Silano DOP), it should be paired with a Chianti or Nebbiolo.

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