Buongiorno! Italians always start their day with a breakfast consisting of an espresso or a macchiato, paired with a croissant. Italians also like drinking a cup of espresso after having their lunch and they like to use it as an “excuse’’ to go and catch up with a friend or to go out on a date.

There are many ways of drinking espresso, such as a:

  • Caffè Macchiato

Espresso “stained’’ with a splash of milk.

  • Caffè Corretto

Espresso with a splash of alcohol, like grappa or sambuca.

  • Caffè Americano

Originally from the United States. Espresso diluted with a lot of hot water.

  • Caffè Lungo

Espresso with a splash of hot water, and therefore, stronger than the Americano.

  • Cappuccino

Equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk.

  • Caffè Latte

Espresso with more steamed milk, and less foamed milk.

  • Latte Macchiato 

Steamed milk “stained’’ with a splash of espresso.

Something pretty remarkable is that Italians often enjoy their coffee "al banco’’, which implies that they drink their coffee standing at the bar, instead of sitting down. They do this while chatting to the barista or other people. Espresso is often served in Italy with a small glass of water, this is supposed to be drunk before, to cleanse the palate.

Italians drink coffee very regularly, and in small amounts. Therefore, it is not weird for them to drink about seven espressos a day. When in Italy, you will not see to-go cups often either, as it is designed to be enjoyed socially and in small amounts. 

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