Risotto is usually eaten as a first course in Italy. When making risotto, pay attention that you heat the rice in a flat pan first, and afterwards keep on adding your hot stock until the rice is cooked. Make sure you do not boil your rice in water as usual!

What do you need?

25 grams of Summer Black Truffle Slices or 2 spoons of White Truffle Oil

Approximately 1 litre of Vegetable Stock

180 grams of Carnaroli rice

1 small onion, chopped very fine

2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

250 ml of dry white wine

50 grams of butter, diced

50 grams of finely grated Parmigiano Reggiano DOP


How to prepare your risotto?

1. Grate your truffles into a mixing bowl or add your truffle oil to the bowl

2. Grate the Parmigiano into the same bowl

3. Add the diced butter and a tablespoon of olive oil and mix everything together gently

4. Bring a small saucepan to the boil with the vegetable stock and keep this to simmer slowly

5. Use a flat-bottomed pan to sauté the onion in a tablespoon of olive oil until they are translucent

6. Add your rice to the onion and heat it until all grains are hot and coated in oil

7. Add your wine to the rice and stir this until it has dissolved

8. Add a cup of hot stock and stir this until this has dissolved as well

9. Keep adding small quantities of your hot stock until the rice is cooked

10. Turn off the heat, add your truffle mixture, and beat this into the risotto, resulting into a creamy risotto

11. Leave this for one minute and then plate your risotto

12. Shave your remaining truffles/truffle oil over your plates and there’s your delicious truffle risotto!

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