Have you ever wondered why biscuits are so crunchy compared to your average cookie? There is actually a difference between the both of them and this is also the reason why biscuits are called biscuits.

Biscuits have been around for a very long time. The word "biscuit’’ or "biscotti’’ actually first appeared in the Roman period in Latin as "biscotus’’, and it literally means "baked twice’’. Biscuits were returned to the oven after the initial period of baking in order for them to become dry or crisp. This also assured that the biscuits could be kept for longer.

The original Roman biscuits are actually more like what we nowadays call a "rusk’’, which was basically just bread which had been baked again to make it crispy. This way, the bread could be kept for longer and used as an "on the go snack’’.

In the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, biscuits were often used as rations on ships as well. Because they were unable to supply fresh food, they would usually carry lots of "ship’s biscuits’’ which were so tough, they were actually famous for being "indestructible’’.

Biscuits came to England around the 14th century. Usually the form of them was closer to pancakes, but wafer biscuits also grew in popularity. Gingerbread also started to appear, but they were usually only for the rich as it contained sugar and expensive spices.

Until the 18th century, biscuits were mainly eaten as a dessert, but it now became the perfect accompaniment for tea as drinking tea became part of the English culture around this time.

Today, not all biscuits are baked twice anymore, however, "Cantucci’’ still are, which are Italian almond biscuits.

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