From late November to early January, Italians are exchanging Panettone boxes, because to Italians, food is sharing. The exchange of Panettone is a gesture of love for Italians, so you should definitely feel loved when you receive yours!

It is a dry, cake-like bread, which comes in many different flavours and sizes. The classical version is sweet yeast dough stuffed with raisins or other dried/candied fruits. The ingredients usually are flour, yeast, sugar, egg yolk, butter, raisins, zest, and candied citrus fruit. However, there are lots of other variations to the traditional recipe, for example, Panettone filled with Pistachio or Cocoa cream.

Panettone was born in Milan and dates all the way back to the 1500s. Traditionally, Italians eat a slice of Panettone for breakfast, alongside an espresso. However, there are so many different ways of eating your Panettone. For example, serve it with double cream, toast it and serve it with cheese as a dessert, dip it into your hot chocolate, or enjoy it with a nut butter.

Making Panettone is quite a long process. With its sourdough base, it takes around three days for the dough to prove. After this, it will be put in the oven and from then on it is hung upside down. This makes the Panettone stretch, and it give it its familiar dome top.

You can also make your own Panettone, though it is not quite easy to do so. It requires some skills and... time!

So, if you would like some delicious Panettone, but do not feel like making it yourself; we've got your back! Panettone is now available in the Classic style, with Pistachio, or Cocoa filling, on our E-shop and in our store in London. So be quick and come and get them now before they are sold out.

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