Originally, this dish comes from the city of Modena in Emilia-Romagna. It is a delicious dish with a thick ‘Cotechino’ sausage. The word Cotechino comes from the word ‘cotica’ and this means pork rind. Indeed, this sausage is made from pork rind, lard and spices. 

Cotechino was invented to make use of the rinds and other less prized parts of the pig. Its texture is extremely rich, melting and juicy with wonderful spices. It must be boiled, sliced, and then served on top of a bed of gently braised brown lentils. Italians say that if you start the new year by eating lentils, this will bring you prosperity. Normally people just take a little plate, however, the theory is that the more lentils you eat, the richer you will be.

In Italy, the traditional dish is often served at midnight on New Year’s Eve, but Italians have even more traditions for New Year’s Eve (also known as San Silvestro). Italians, of course, drink sparkling wine on New Year’s and enjoy firework displays. An old Italian tradition is to throw out something old from you window at midnight to say goodbye to the ending year.

In the Bellavita New Year’s Eve Dinner Hamper, you will find a lovely dinner menu specially thought for New Year’s Eve, including Cotechino and Lentils as your main course. Also in the hamper, you will find a variety of olives for your aperitivo, Carnaroli rice with Porcini mushrooms as a starter, and a delicious Lemon Panettone cake for dessert. Together with all these delightful dishes, you will also find a bottle of classy Franciacorta spumante as the perfect matching drink.

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