Organic Prosecco DOC Brut ‘Il Fresco’ could be described as a refined, elegant and refreshing drink, the ideal option to celebrate the holidays.

Villa Sandi created its Organic Prosecco having in mind the need of being more respectful to nature and protecting the uniqueness of the area. The winery employs biodiversity-friendly farming practices in the vineyard resulting into health and quality. In the cellar, they minimise the use of sulphites by using a revolutionary ‘one-tank’ technique that also gives Prosecco a vibrant freshness and its classical varietal character.

This Prosecco is fermented solely from a grape called ‘Glera’. The grape is produced in an area with a particular kind of wind that keeps the grapes safe from diseases. Villa Sandi started the production of Organic Prosecco as part of its ‘Il Fresco’ line as it has the same philosophy the other ‘Il Fresco’ wines have – the wine has organic characteristics, and also fresh and fruity notes.

Organic Prosecco DOC Brut ‘Il Fresco’ has a very pale, straw yellow colour, with a fine and persistent perlage. The aromas are both fruity and flowery, with some hints of ripe golden apple, small mountain flowers, pear and honeysuckle. On the palate, it has a dry, soft, and flavoursome sensation, which is followed by savoury notes and a fruity and harmonious aftertaste.

This delightfully enjoyable Prosecco is excellent as an aperitif, but also tastes very well as a perfect pairing with either shellfish or fried fish. Light or spicy dishes based on vegetables match excellently with this Prosecco too.

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