Truffles are the name given to certain species of fungi that can be found on the soil; they grow in symbiosis with the roots of various plants. Traditionally harvested by hand with a truffle dog or even pig, truffle is widely considered as a luxury product.

Italy is one of the largest producers and exporters of truffles with the largest number of truffle species included in four main categories of ‘Tartufo’ (Truffle in Italian). On the market consumers can, therefore, find black truffle, hooked truffle, summer truffle (which is the most common) and white Alba truffle (which is the rarest).

Present as a special ingredient for the finest varieties of cured meats, cheeses and pasta, truffle sets any product apart with its delicious and pleasantly intense taste. It is also present in many sauces that go very well with different types of dishes. For instance:

- Tagliatelle dressed in butter and topped with shaved black truffle

- Ravioli or Tortelloni stuffed with truffle pesto and cheese

- Beef Bresaola Carpaccio with truffle vinaigrette

- Risotto with shaved summer truffle and Parmigiano Reggiano

- Scrambled eggs with shaved black truffle

- Turkey escalope served with white truffle cream

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