Italy has long been known as the country producing some of the world's best wines, but the elegance and balance that Italian beer brew masters have developed over the last decades make them recognised market players even abroad nowadays, as the UK has lately become a well-established market for premium Italian beers.

Over the past 30 years, Italian premium beers have been experiencing a steady growth worldwide that has led to an ever-increasing awareness and interest in getting to know and trying new, good quality beers made from the best raw materials.

Developing a quality market based on regional craftsmanship in the constant search for new flavours to satisfy consumers' expectations, Italian beer producers stand out for their creativity linked to the ancestral know-how of wine production as Italy now boasts one of the most exciting and creative craft brewing cultures in the world.

The Italian Grape Ale (IGA), for example, with its vinous or fruity taste, is the perfect representative of this thanks to its blend. It is a beer made from grape must, a by-product of wine production. It can be natural grapes, cooked must, fermented must or even grape skins. The IGA style of beer is an exciting challenge for a brewer to create a total harmony with the land and regions where it was invented, and with a nod to local tradition. The acidity of the Italian Grape Ale is pleasant and intensifies the dryness sensation.

Today, around 1,000 breweries of various sizes produce beer throughout the country. Try for example our Ichnusa, a premium Sardinian lager now also available in its unfiltered version, or the Piedmontese Menabrea, matured gently at the perfect temperature in cave cellars for a taste of superior clarity; and, finally, discover the taste explosion of the vast range of beer by the Roman artisan brewery BirraDamare.

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