Torrone is a very popular nougat in Italy, usually served at the table during Christmas time. According to the traditional recipe, Torrone contains only few, key ingredients: honey, egg white, toasted almonds, and sugar.

This nougat is typically shaped as either a rectangular tablet or a round cake and, as you can tell, it is a sweet full of fats and sugars, and very energetic. As an ancient sweet, its origins are mysterious: some theories sustain that Torrone has been invented in Rome, as there are some texts written by Tito Livio where he describes a sweet very similar to Torrone.

In addition to the controversy, the city of Cremona also claims the invention of the ‘real’ Torrone. In fact, on October 25th 1441, Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti, Duke and Duchess of Milan, celebrated their marriage and, for the occasion, the chefs decided to prepare a cake that had the shape of the ‘Torrazza’, the highest tower (‘torre’ in Italian) of the city. According to Cremona’s beliefs, Torrone took its name from this event. The mystery is not only about its origins, but also about how Torrone became a tradition during the celebration of Christmas. The most probable reason is that almonds are harvested during a period that goes from August until October. For this reason, many productions began to sell Torrone only before Christmas. With time, it has become a tradition to have Torrone on tables at Christmas or as a gift.

Nowadays, there is a vast variety of nougats depending on which city they are from. The main differences are between soft or crumbly nougats, with almonds or hazelnuts. At Bellavita Shop, you can find many types of nougats, from Soft Almond Nougat, Soft Pistachio Nougat, Soft Hazelnut Nougat, to even a Vegan Crumbly Nougat with Almonds. Try them to experience a taste full of sweetness and tradition.

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