Tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert loved by everyone around the world! Today we are going to introduce a delicious alternative to the classic recipe, perfect during Christmastime: Pistachio Tiramisu with Pavesini ladyfingers. This Tiramisu is a more sophisticated and extremely tasty dessert and the recipe is easy and irresistible.


- 250g Low-Calorie Pavesini Biscuits by Pavesi

- 500g of Mascarpone cheese

- 3 Eggs

- 200g “La Golosa” Pistachio Cream by Bacco

- 80g Chopped pistachios 

- 160g Sugar

- 4 mugs of Moka 100% Arabica Ground Coffee by Hausbrandt 


1. Place the egg yolks into a bowl, and then add sugar. Use a mixer to blend everything, until you obtain a mousse. 

2. Add pistachio cream and mascarpone into the bowl, mix everything until well blended. 

3.  With the help of a hand mixer, whip the eggs white and then add them to the rest of the ingredients. Blend it softly. 

4. Prepare the coffee, possibly with an Italian moka, and then pour it into a bowl and begin to dip the Pavesini, one by one, for a few seconds. After that, place them into a baking tray, creating a layer. Be careful not to leave them into the coffee for too long, as otherwise the tiramisu will not be compact enough. 

5. Make a layer of pistachio cream and mascarpone and then proceed by alternating the two until the baking tray is full. 

6. To conclude, sprinkle your tiramisu with chopped pistachios. Leave your dessert into the fridge for a couple of hours and then…. you are ready to enjoy and share this amazing dessert with your beloved ones!

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