Oven-baked pasta with meatballs is a traditional recipe in Southern Italy. This is an easy recipe, perfect for a great meal with your family or friends. As well as simple to cook, this recipe is very practical as it has all the necessary nutrients in one meal. Not to mention it is extremely delicious and tasty!

Today, we are introducing a gourmet version having all premium ingredients that you can find at Bellavita Shop, and maintaining the unique taste of Southern Italy. You can make at home in few easy steps, for a fabulous lunch or dinner.

INGREDIENTS (for 4-5 people)

For your pasta with meatballs:

• 500g Pasta Misto Corto by La Molisana
• 100g Ricotta Salata Cheese by Pinna
• 250g Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella by Il Parco
• 300g Pork Meatballs flavoured with Nduja by Salsicciamo
• Salt to taste

For your tomato sauce:

• 700 ml Tomato Passata by Mutti
• Ground Black Pepper by L'Aroma to taste

• Extra-Virgin Olive Oil by Orominerva to taste

• Fresh Basil Leaves
• 1 red onion

• Salt to taste


1.     Start by preparing your tomato sauce in a pan: add some oil and an onion cut into tiny pieces. Add the tomato passata and cook over low heat.

2.     Then, add some salt and fresh basil leaves to make it tasty.

3.     Meanwhile, pre-cook the pork meatballs flavoured with nduja in a pan with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil for a few minutes.

4.     When the tomato sauce is almost ready, cook the pasta ‘al dente’ into salty, boiling water.

5.     Once everything is done, place the pasta and the tomato sauce into a medium-sized baking tray.

6.     Make one layer of tomato sauce, pasta and meatballs and some grated ricotta salata cheese and some slices of fresh buffalo mozzarella pdo. Repeat this procedure as many times as the number of layers that fit your baking tray, making sure you alternate tomato sauce, pasta with meatballs and the cheeses. 

7.     Add just an extra hint of black pepper on top and cook in your pre-heated oven at 180°C/fan for around 25 minutes.

8.     When it is ready serve hot, without mixing.

That’s it! In a few easy steps you are ready to enjoy your own traditional recipe!

This recipe pairs very well with a wine that is dry and strong in its taste. We would recommend a red wine such as Primitivo Puglia IGP by Castelmarco to enhance the taste of the Southern Italy. Alternatively, for those who prefer beer, we suggest Ricetta Classica Lager Beer by Birra Messina, an icon of Sicily.

Get all the ingredients needed from our shop or e-commerce and experience the true taste of Southern Italy, you won’t regret it! Enjoy!

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