For many centuries, the Daunia region has been the centre of trade and culture across many civilisations including the Ancient Romans and the Spanish, which have all left their mark on the architecture. The small villages represent a journey through time and are a true expression of authentic Italy.

The food and wine heritage of Daunia is rich and varied, from extra-virgin olive oil to wine, which plays a fundamental role as well. The main grape here is ‘Uva di Troia’, and is often blended with Montepulciano. In addition to oil and wine, cured meats and cheeses are also iconic delicacies of the region. For example, the ‘Canestrato Pugliese DOP’ cheese is worth trying as it is aged in typical handcrafted baskets, with a very strong flavour due to dried lamb rennet combined with dried orange peels, lemon, and nettle leaves.

If you are lucky enough, you can often find women in the older parts of the Daunia region making great pasta by hand outdoors. One of the most popular pasta shapes in Daunia is ‘Orecchiette’. They are often seasoned with broccoli rape, which is the most used vegetable in the local cuisine. And to finish off on a sweet note, another typical dish of the Daunia region is ‘Ostia Ripiena’, which is like a wafer stuffed with toasted almonds and caramelised honey.

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